Metallica's 'Beyond Magnetic' EP will see release in another format: silver vinyl. At first, the EP was digital only and then issued on CD. Now, to celebrate Record Store Day, the metal monoliths will release the EP on wax of the silver sort. Record Store Day is April 21, so look for it at your favorite mom and pop record retailer then, or via their website.

The EP features four unreleased tracks of rough mixes from the 'Death Magnetic' sessions. The songs were performed live for the first time during the band's spate of anniversary shows in San Francisco in December 2011. The songs were then gifted to fan club members for free after the shows and then sold to all other fans via iTunes and then via CD.

In a post on their website, the band wrote: "We’ve always been big supporters of our friends at independent retail and the annual event the third Saturday of each April... we even helped kick off the first year in 2008 with an in-store appearance at one of our hometown stores!"

In addition to cool silver vinyl, which should certainly please the discerning collector, the record will come with an exclusive Metallica sticker included in the package.

An international edition is currently being worked out with the band's label.

'Beyond Magnetic' EP Track Listing:

'Hate Train'
'Just a Bullet Away'
'Hell and Back'
'Rebel of Babylon'