Whether fans will cry foul at the forthcoming collaboration between Metallica and Lou Reed remains to be seen. But at least one organization has rejected cover artwork for the experimental project which unites the ex-Velvet Underground frontman with the biggest band in heavy metal: the London Underground.

Transport for London, which controls the city's "tube," have elected not to allow promotional posters for the collaborative 'Lulu' album to be posted on trains or in the stations. Spokespersons have reportedly expressed concern that the artwork looks too much like graffiti, according to NME.

The collaboration sprung from Metallica and Lou Reed's performance together at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 25th anniversary celebration. The album isl inspired by the plays of German expressionist Frank Wedekind.

A 30-second clip of a song from 'Lulu' called 'The View' was recently unveiled online. The full track will be available for download on Sept. 27. Other songs on the disc include 'Cheat on Me,' 'Dragon,' 'Frustration,' 'Little Dog' and the nearly 20-minute long 'Junior Dad.'

'Lulu' will be released in North America on Nov. 1.