UPDATE: Kirk Hammett has shared a photo of his new collaboration with Dunlop, a purple sparkle Cry Baby wah pedal. Check it out below and then read the original story:

ORIGINAL STORY: Kirk Hammett already has a signature wah pedal—his very own Cry Baby with Dunlop—but if some recent social media posts are any indication, he's getting ready to unveil a new one. And fans should be able to get their feet on it very soon.

In the first photo shared on Hammett's official Instagram page, fans see that the pedal has a purple sparkle to it. The 'Tallica shredder also teases its release: April 1, 2022.

Then, just a few days later, The Ripper shared another photo, this time of the top of the pedal. Whereas his current Cry Baby features a skeleton foot and his signature, the new pedal boasts a design that is built around a glittery skull.

This post also features the same #comingsoon hashtag as well as the April 1 tease.

You can see both photos below:

For fans who are interested in learning more about Hammett's current Cry Baby, check out this walkthrough of the pedal from Sweetwater, an online retailer specializing in musical instruments:

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And if you want to see one of the greatest wah photos of all time, Hammett has you covered:

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