Last week one of Metallica's concerts in India seemed to be in jeopardy, due to organizers failing to properly secure approval. Now more concerns have arisen about the band's first-ever trek to the region, this time involving the ticketing process. With Indian Metallica fans clamoring for a chance to finally see the band, promoters and organizers of the shows are taking care to warn against ticket frauds and scams. Be careful, 'Tallica fans in India! You don't want to get burned by fakers.

The band has a show scheduled in Gurgaon in New Dehli on Oct. 28 but scammers have reportedly created Facebook pages advertising free tickets or offering tickets in exchange for the completion of a survey. The organizers told Hindustan Times that tickets are only available via the official website or through various approved ticketing partners.

"The authentic tickets are only available on our website or with our ticketing partners. Any other tickets are hoax and can put the fans in trouble," said Karuna Prithvi of, which is the official ticketing partner for the concert.

Also, many people are further scamming fans by advertising tickets that were purchased as soon as they were made available. Those "sellers" now want to unload the "tickets" at an exaggerated cost to those desperate to see the band. The authenticity of those tickets is in question as well, so buyer beware.