Nine studio albums. Twenty-five music videos. Forty-five singles. Worldwide tour after worldwide tour. When trying to contemplate the magnitude of Metallica's success, several things come to mind. What other band could create their own two-day music festival and shoot a 3D movie in the same year? What other band could experience the ultimate tragedy early in their career and bounce back less than two years later with some of their greatest work? What other band could open themselves up in the most vulnerable of ways in front of movie cameras, release a highly-controversial album and still win Grammy Award after Grammy Award?

The answer? No other band but the mighty Metallica. Forming in 1981, Metallica has been rocking this planet for over 30 years, and as evident this year, they show no signs of slowing down. Sit back and enjoy Ultimate Metallica's 'History of Metallica' throughout the decades.

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