There's been a lot of interest generated in the new James Hetfield-narrated History Channel Series 'The Hunt' and now those interested can check out the recently aired first episode online.

The Metallica frontman's voice is prominent in the episode, setting up the story and interjecting key details throughout. The first episode of the series is titled 'Predator Or Prey?,' and it recently debuted on the History Channel. This episode focuses on the local hunting guides who are tasked with leading their hunters on the dangerous journey in search of a Kodiak bear.

As the episode description states, "The long-standing tradition of the Fall Hunt begins on Kodiak Island, where we meet Alaskan resident Hillarie Putnam as she takes on Kodiak for the first time with the help of her father and armed with a single shot muzzleloader. Meanwhile, veteran hunting guide Mike Horstman helps local cattle rancher Chris Flickenger track a bear that has killed one of his horses and is threatening his cows. Third generation hunting guide, Sam Rohrer, and his hunter Dave have a nine-foot bear in their sights when they hear gunshots come out of nowhere, forcing them to take cover until this new adversary reveals himself."

Hetfield and Metallica recently took a few jabs over his participation in the hunting series as on online Facebook group was launched by anti-hunting activists, seeking to have the band removed from headlining the Glastonbury festival over Hetfield's participation in the series. While the people behind the page stated that they were sure Hetfield wasn't the first artist to play Glastonbury that was an active hunter, they felt that by using his celebrity to promote big game hunting on a TV show gave him extra publicity for his views and double publicity when tied to the band headlining Glastonbury.

Though the protesters call out Hetfield and his hunting stance, the History Channel description about the series points out the delicate balance of the conservation efforts on Kodiak Island, stressing the population control and economic viability for the protection of the animals' habitat and preservation conservation as positives that are addressed.

You can watch the first full episode at 'The Hunt' website by clicking the button below. A new episode debuts June 15 at 10PM ET on The History Channel.

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