On Feb. 10, 2023—what would have been Cliff Burton's 61st birthday—the world will once again celebrate Cliff Burton Day.

This marks the sixth annual event that recognizes and honors the Metallica bassist and it has become an officially-recognized day by Burton's hometown of Castro Valley, California. The celebration will be live-streamed on YouTube beginning at 7PM PT / 10PM ET at this location.

Nicholas Gomez will be hosting Cliff Burton Day; fans can expect many memories to be shared and conversations to be had with Burton's friends and family.

"These stories will bring you back to the influential early days, with an in-depth look into the life, the times and the location of an unknowing musical phenomenon," the event's official press release stated.

If fans are curious who might be featured on the live-stream, they can get ready to hear from Cliff's sister, Connie, Lou Martin, producer Flemming Rasmussen, Trauma's Mike Overton, Raven's John Gallagher, Vio-Lence's Been Dell and many others. And because the interviews will be too good to cram into a single day, many of the chats will be shared each Friday throughout February right here.

Jerry Only of the Misfits is ready to celebrate, too, as you can see in the video below.

For those fans who want to wear their Burton pride for the whole world to see, official Cliff Burton Day T-shirts are available for pre-order. Last year, the official shirts featured an inside joke about Burton and pancakes; this year, the shirts highlight an iconic photo of Burton jamming on his bass with "Cliff Burton Day 2-10-2023" printed on the back.

Cliff Burton Day - 2023
Cliff Burton Day

In the meantime, enjoy this live performance of Burton rocking "For Whom the Bell Tolls" at Day on the Green on Aug. 31, 1985.

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