Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti are here to chat about their 10 favorite albums when they were teenagers.

The two have been such a powerful songwriting team across seven albums, the latest being Pawns & Kings and their musical journeys inside and out of Alter Bridge (and even before!) have been inspiring in so many ways. Between them, they've crossed so many different styles — the heavy stuff, of course but Kennedy touched on Americana and bluegrass in his solo pursuits while earlier this year Tremonti recruited living members of Frank Sinatra's band for a charitable covers album that revealed his hidden talent as a remarkable crooner.

Kennedy was born on Nov. 27, 1969, putting his teenage years at late 1982 through late 1989, while Tremonti, born April 18, 1974, spent ages 13 through 19 in the years between spring of 1987 and the spring of 1993.

It's pretty fair to say Tremonti experienced a really unique time, amid the thick of the hair metal explosion and the ensuing tidal wave of grunge that sent rock music trends into complete upheaval. His tastes, however, were a bit more extreme at that time, alongside one album that's anything but heavy.

Kennedy, who experienced the aftershock of the '70s, grew up through the rise of traditional heavy metal and glam metal and his tastes reflect that, making this list ahead quite interesting when comparing the tastes of the Alter Bridge icons side by side.

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