Kirk Hammett

Kirk Goes Voodoo
On the heels of learning that Metallica will be taking over Green Day's headlining gig at the 2012 Voodoo Music + Arts Experience in New Orleans, Loudwire had the chance to catch up with 'Tallica axeman Kirk Hammett. This will be Metallica's first concert in New Orleans since 2008, so…
Kirk's 'Business'
Kirk Hammett has been rocking out as the lead guitarist for Metallica for the last few decades. When he's not recording platinum-selling albums, winning awards or touring the globe, though, he works on building his personal collection of horror movie memorabilia...
Kirk on Kurt
Metallica are busy with their 3D film right now, but guitarist Kirk Hammett says work on their follow-up to 'Death Magnetic' will 'happen soon.'
Kirk Hammett Book Tour
Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett is looking to scare up some extra business for his new book, 'Too Much Horror Business,' and will hit the road for a series of book signings next month.
400 Riffs!
Metallica won't be hurting for any lack of material when they do finally decide to sit down and record a new album.
Happy birthday, Kirk!
Guitarist Kirk Hammett first crossed paths with Metallica in the early 1980s with a little band he co-founded known as Exodus. Opening up for Metallica a few times no doubt put Hammett on the band's radar. In 1983, on the heels of the firing of original guitarist Dave Mustaine, Metallica asked Hamme…