Kirk Hammett

10 Awesome Kirk Hammett Guitar Solos
Metallica have created some of the most critically acclaimed music in the world of rock and metal over the course of three decades. And one of the foundations of their music has been Kirk Hammett's stellar guitar playing. He's behind some of the biggest face-melting tunes in history and he…
Favorite Kirk Hammett Guitar – Readers Poll
Kirk Hammett has so many beautiful guitars. While he plays everything from Gibson Les Pauls to Jackson Flying Vs, his collection of axes stands out when he picks up his ESP custom guitars. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that his custom guitars display his other passion besides Metallica:…
Best Kirk Hammett Live Pictures
We never tire of looking at photos of Metallica. There is just something about the energy and intensity of the band that is so easily conveyed through photos. We recently shared some of our favorite live shots of James Hetfield, and now it's time to check out the other axeman, Kirk Hammett.

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