There's new Metallica music upon us, albeit non-traditional new Metallica music! 'Lulu,' which is 'Tallica's hotly hyped collaboration with classic rock legend Lou Reed, is set to drop on Nov. 1, but the first single 'The View' lands on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at radio and iTunes. Anytime new Metallica music is on the way, hard rock fans and metalheads get excited! It's time to get even more excited, since a 90-second preview of 'The View' has been posted online, giving diehards a taste of the song. While it's only a minute-and-a-half, it gives 'Tallica fans an idea of what their collaboration with an artist like Reed sounds like.

The teaser of the song features Reed delivering a monotone, droney spoken word monologue, where he declares "I have no morals" and "I want to see your suicide," as well as "I want you on the floor / And in a coffin / Your soul shaking." It may be Lou Reed saying those words, but it's intense stuff. The words certainly have a dark, "metallic" bend. It's not exactly "nice" sentiments and it certainly makes the listener curious about what the rest of the song sounds like beyond 90 compact seconds.

Metallica's meaty riffs live underneath Reed's poetic speaking style, while James Hetfield tosses up a vocal towards the end of the preview, in his signature raspy, tough and, of course, thoroughly Hetfieldian style.

Listen to 90-Second Sample of 'The View'