Today, the internet dug up some interesting, ridiculous and most of all awesome news. In 2005, there was a Metallica video game being developed, which meshed a racing game with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Now in 2012, the lost trailer and some concept art from the unreleased game have been making their way around the interwebs.

The teaser trailer was tucked in versions of ‘St. Anger,’ so the game clearly was in somewhat of an advanced developmental stage, if assets were created and promoted. The animations showcase frontman James Hetfield absolutely strapped with huge machine guns, guitarist Kirk Hammett with a pet vulture on his shoulder, drummer Lars Ulrich beside a truck completely covered in megaphones, (how’s that for social commentary?) and a vast array of grotesque enemies for the ‘Big 4′ vigilantes to riddle with bullets.

This begs the question -- If you were to play a Metallica video game, which member of the band would you choose to be. We're talking any member from any era of Metallica. Choose your character in the poll below!