It's been 25 years since the horrific bus crash in Sweden that left Metallica without their beloved bassist, Cliff Burton. The musician has been remembered and celebrated by metal fans around the world, and 25 years later his footprint remains embedded into the story of thrash. Adding to the countless tributes, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently spoke with Revolver, offering his memories of the iconic bassist.

Ulrich stated, "My fondest memories of Cliff are his total disregard for convention and his total disregard for playing things out the way you expected them. He was up to challenge the normalcy, to challenge the status quo, to just f--- with things musically, attitude-wise—the way he dressed, the way he carried himself, his sense of humor, his relationship with the music that inspired him, the music that he played. It was always very unconventional, and it was very unusual."

When asked about looking back on it all now, Ulrich said, "He was really cool ... I would’ve been interested to see what else he could’ve contributed, because it felt like we were just getting started. And it would’ve been interesting to see what else would’ve been in that vast well of stuff that he could’ve shared with the rest of us. That will forever be the curiosity element. But I’m so glad that I got a chance to play with him for a couple, three years. And got a chance to know him, and got a chance to drink with him, and all the shenanigans that probably shouldn’t be printed in a nice, family publication like Revolver."

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