After Metallica's highly publicized cancellation of their first show ever in India, the band shook off the mess in Delhi to give Bangalore a rocking musical evening with 30,000 fans swaying to Metallica's beat. The show went off without a hitch, allowing Metallica to rock India for the first time in their 30 year career.

We immediately reported on Metallica's postponement of their Gurgaon, Delhi show, which was originally blamed on Metallica's dissatisfaction with the sound equipment provided. Shortly after it was revealed that the Indian promotions company, DNA, as well as Metallica chose to postpone the show due to rowdy fans breaking numerous security barricades as they waited for Metallica to take the stage.

The show was eventually cancelled by DNA, leading to the arrest of four DNA employees including their Senior Executive. According to NDTV, the DNA employees were charged with fraud. The foursome are also being accused of selling more tickets than the venue could hold, possibly leading to the original damages to the crowd control barriers.

Luckily, Metallica were able to play Bangalore before a giant crowd, including an estimated 4,000 dedicated fans who flew to Bangalore from Delhi, refusing to miss Metallica's first show in India. Metallica played classics such as 'Enter Sandman,' 'One' and 'Seek and Destroy for the rabid yet peaceful crowd.

Watch the 'Indian Broadcasting Network Report From Metallica's Bangalore Show