In an epic version of Metallica's 'Master of Puppets' and 'Battery,' two air musicians display exactly why they're the greatest at what they do. Power, world-champion air drummer, joins forces with Hot Lixx, world-champion air guitarist, in San Francisco to pay homage to mighty Metallica in a hilarious - but somehow inspiring - video.

There's no question that these two guys have a lot of passion for what they do, but it's also obvious they're pretty good at it! With Power's spot-on drumming and Hot Lixx's face-melting air solos, this video goes down as one of the best tributes to 'Tallica on YouTube.

As if the air antics weren't enough to get you in the mood to pick up your own air sticks or guitar and jam out to your favorite Metallica tune, the video ends with Power (whose real name is Ari Gold) and 'Entourage' star Adrian Grenier interviewing Lars Ulrich. What does Ulrich have to say about air drumming? "That's why I wanted to be in a band," he says. "I would find myself air drumming to all of my favorite records. After awhile, it went to cardboard boxes and then it was like, 'Maybe I should get a real drum set.'"

To see Gold's feature film about Power, 'Adventures of Power,' make sure to check out his official website. If you're more an axeman than a drummer, head over to Hot Lixx's website, too.

Power and Hot Lixx Perform 'Master of Puppets' and 'Battery,' Chat with Lars Ulrich