Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is a man of many faces, and as a member of metal's most commercially successful band, there's often a camera nearby to capture each golden pose.

The expressionist affectation; the triumph through exertion; the elegance in despondency; the rudimentary essence of profound creation … Yes, these faces are often peculiar, but like Michelangelo's 'David' or Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa,' Lars Ulrich's many expressions are conceptual masterpieces.

Please take a moment to gaze upon Mr. Ulrich and his many faces:

'The O-Face of Ecstasy'
'The Taster'
'The Limp Leer'
'The Catcher of Snowflakes'
'The Frown of a Lover Lost'
'The Unintended Drumstick to the Groin'
'The Perplexed Fixation'
'The Misunderstanding of Hide and Seek'
'The Duckbilled Smooch'
'The Incontinence Revelation'
'The French Tickler'
'The Constipation Demonstration'
'The Wandering Jaw'
'The Gary Busey'